Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Each year on November 20th, we take time to remember and grieve those people who were murdered around the world in the past twelve months due to violent anti-transgender bigotry. As always, most of the murdered in the past year are trans women of color; this reflects something fundamental, and fundamentally flawed, about our world.

Please join me in taking this day to grieve these lost lives and remembering how much more work is needed to achieve justice for all. If there is a vigil close to you, please consider attending respectfully, if not to mourn then to honor and hold the space for those who do.

TDOR 2013 lists of the dead. (Trigger warning for brief descriptions of each person's murder.)

TDOR 2013 events and locations

In memory.

CC image courtesy spcbrass

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