Affording Massage Therapy

Price Listing

Note: Appointment times given are for the full length of the appointment; time on the table is usually 20 minutes less than appointment time for established clients. This allows for intake, relationship building, answering questions, addressing concerns, and co-creating a massage session plan, while still having more than a full hour on the table. (Typical is 70 minutes on the table for new client and spacious appointments, and 90 minutes on the table for expansive appointments.)

Proverbial fine print: All payments are due at or before time of the appointment. Alternate payment plans including bartered, subsidized, and reduced-fee appointments must be arranged or noted prior to the time of service. Payment methods accepted: cash, check, or credit. For established clients, or new clients with approval, we are able to bill auto insurance for Motor Vehicle Accidents. We are unfortunately unable to bill health insurance at this time.

Massage for Adults

New client appointment including standard spacious massage (120 minutes): $180
Discount of $20 off offered if follow up appointment is scheduled at the time of service.

Standard spacious body-affirming therapeutic massage (90 minutes): $125

Extended expansive body-affirming therapeutic massage (110 minutes): $150

Medical Massage treatment for injury-related physical trauma (90 minutes): $180

Massage for Children and Teens

(Length of massage depends on age and developmental stage of the child/teen; please contact Arwyn with any questions.)

New youth/pediatric appointment including youth massage (up to 75 minutes): $100
Youth/pediatric massage (60 minutes): $75

Massage Memberships

The style of massage I offer works best within an established, on-going therapeutic relationship. Think "therapy", rather than "luxury". Most clients experience the results they seek with a commitment to regular massage; often more frequently at first, then reducing to every 2 weeks-3 months, depending on their needs.

The rate depends on number of appointments shared by a family per month, and may be used in any combination (for example: 2 extended-expansive massages, 1 standard-spacious massage, and 1 youth massage per month would qualify for a total 20% discount). Appointments not used within the calendar month may roll over to the first week of the following month. Frequency may be changed or cancelled at any time for the following calendar month.

Rates for pre-purchase monthly massage packages:
2-3 appointments per month: 10% discount.
4+ appointments per month: 25% discount.

Family is defined according to you: whomever you wish to make a financial commitment for receiving massage counts as family. Close friend groups sometimes purchase memberships together; this is encouraged. New clients coming in on a membership will incur additional fee of $30 for adults and $15 for children/youth to cover the increased time of new client appointments.

Affording Massage Therapy

Wishing for a massage?
It's true that the price of massage may seem prohibitive for some, especially those who need it most. For massage therapists to afford to offer massage while supporting our families and maintaining or expanding our skill set, our prices can seem outrageous, and yet "if you follow your passion, you may do a great job. But if you don’t get the math to work, you will have a very expensive hobby." (David Geslak, quoted in the New York Times)

My commitment to you is to be a professional, in my training, my skills, my space, and all our interactions. Massage is my passion and my vocation, my life and my living, not a mere hobby. To meet this commitment to you while honoring the lived reality of those for whom the cost may be prohibitive, Holding Space Massage offers several options:

Committed client discount -- See Massage Memberships, above.

Reduced fee massages -- For clients for whom standard pricing is unattainable, I offer a 1/3 discount on new client, standard-spacious, and monthly memberships (variable). I do not require justification for their use, and they are available at all times. Please call or email with questions. If scheduling a reduced-fee appointment online, please make note of this when booking the appointment, or you will be responsible for the full price.

Financial aid fund -- In addition to reduced fee sessions, Holding Space Massage keeps a financial aid fund to help bridge the gap between what a client may be able to pay and the costs of offering a massage. This fund is filled by tips (I donate all tips and gratuities received to this fund) and direct donations. Use of this fund is only limited by the amount in it, up to half of the cost of a session. I ask that you pay what you are able ($45 minimum), to preserve the funds' availability for others, but I do not require you to justify your request for use of the fund. To donate to this fund, please contact Arwyn.

Barter -- Limited opportunities for payment in barter are available. Currently, I am seeking: quality original art/photographs, especially featuring queer families, trans persons, and persons of size and/or color (pregnant a bonus); carpentry; yard work; pasture-raised foods; web-design; graphic art and design. For other offers, please inquire.