Massage for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Arwyn and second child at one day old
I have been passionate about pregnancy and birth since witnessing my dear friend become a mother when I was just 21. When my own firstborn was a year and a half old, several years later, I returned to my first and long-time love of massage therapy. To combine these callings, I became a Certified Maternity* Massage Therapist through the Oregon School of Massage.
“So, I've had three pregnancy massages with Arwyn to date, and her hands are MAGIC! I never fail to become a puddle of goo, and she has that priceless talent of finding the places that need the most attention... I'm really looking forward to our postpartum date!” -- Katie Boyd
The changes that can occur when trying to conceive, in pregnancy, and postpartum -- no matter how desired the pregnancy may be -- can feel alarming; not only do our bodies change, but so do our sense of our self and the ways we relate to our bodies, and sometimes to our gender. Massage can not only reduce the physical aches of this years-long process but also ease the dysphoria of a body become unfamiliar to us (or, that we may have come to hate for its betrayal, if a pregnancy isn't as forthcoming as we'd hoped).
“Thank you again so much for the massage. It was just what I needed physically and mentally. While I haven’t reached the “touched out” point, it was really healing to have touch that didn’t require anything of me.” -- BreAnna K., 4w postpartum
As with all my offerings, I focus on serving queer families -- including trans and nonbinary parents, whether pregnant or not. I also focus on serving fat and pregnant or postpartum clients, with our unique needs and worries (often unfounded, but pushed loudly in much of pregnancy culture) about our and our fetus's health.

I strive to provide preconception, prenatal, and postpartum massage for pregnant people of all genders in a welcoming, relaxing setting. For your comfort, I have an extra-wide table; the bodyCushion system that allows for positioning face down longer than a flat table, and supports a comfortable side-lying position later in pregnancy; a table lift so you can get on and off at whatever height is easiest; and various wedges and pillows, so we can get you most comfortable in whatever position called for. Babies are welcome on the table or in the office during your massage until they are rolling over. There is a waiting area outside the massage area for a co-parent or baby-minder to rock or walk with your baby if you desire to keep them close without necessarily bringing them on to the table with you.

I offer 90 minute appointments (up to two hours for new clients) to allow abundant time to discuss your pregnancy experiences and concerns, and provide a full 70 minutes on the table. Because massage is often most needed by those least able to afford it, I offer several options for reduced price massages, financial aid for massage, and trade or barter possibilities.

*I am, alas, not in charge of the certification's title.