Massage for Transgender Women, Men, and Nonbinary Folk

We are extremely lucky here in Portland to have many massage therapists who are or work with clients who are trans, and I am proud to include myself among that number. Because the "fit" between massage therapist and client is, I would argue, the most important part of a valuable massage experience, I offer this: if you've found this page before finding my peers but feel that what you read here doesn't speak to you, please contact me, and I'm happy to pass on information for others who might fit with you and your needs better. I do, however, work to make Holding Space Massage comfortable and welcoming for all trans and nonbinary clients.

Best massage I've ever had. As a transgender woman I normally feel exposed and vulnerable on the table, but Arwyn made me feel extremely comfortable, allowing me to relax and enjoy the experience. -- Emily M.

Transitioning, both social and physical, can bring changes and challenges for your body, which may linger for years afterward if unaddressed. The stress of experiencing misgendering and transphobia, especially combined with racism or misogyny, also leave their marks. The good news is, professional therapeutic massage with a trusted LMT can mitigate some of the effects of that stress, and repair, improve, or strengthen your relationship with your body.

For transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary, and gender questioning individuals, I offer 90 minute sessions (up to two hours for new clients), to have abundant time to connect and build a trusting relationship, discuss your needs and your boundaries, and spend a full 70 minutes on the table.

Because massage is often most needed by those least able to afford it, I offer several options for reduced price massages, financial aid for massage, and trade or barter possibilities. I also provide massage for transgender and gender creative children and their families.