Massage for Fat People

Even the most confident fat person might hesitate before getting naked in front of a stranger: you might know all about fat acceptance and Health at Every Size, about the value in getting joyful movement at places like Fat Yoga Body Home and adorning yourself in awesome styles at places like Fat Fancy and Hairparty, but does the massage therapist you're sitting across from know?

At Holding Space Massage, the emphatic answer is yes! And if you don't know about any of that and are wondering how any person could happily use the word "fat" to describe themselves, I know something about that too. I know exactly how hard it is to come to a good relationship with a fat body in this society, and I know how rewarding it is when we do. And, I know massage is a brilliantly pleasurable, affirming way to get there, if you haven't managed it yet.

As Hanne Blank says in The Unapologetic Fat Girl's Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts

In a world that teaches women to hate their bodies and tells them that their bodies aren't worthy unless they meet some arbitrary, narrow standards of "goodness" or "perfection", paying attention to your body as something that is totally worth your time and care -- and it is! -- is radical, rebellious, and deeply cool.

Whether you're interested in Health at Every Size or not, whether you feel like you've "made it" to acceptance of your body or not, whether you're ready to shuck down to your birthday suit or haven't been shirtless with the lights on since childhood, I'm here to hold the space for you to realize just how wonderful and deserving of love and pleasure your body is.