Wednesday, November 13, 2013

In the space between making plans and following your breath grows your life

There are roots to watch for, yes,
but also beauty in the journey.
CC image courtesy grant_loy on Flickr
I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned, but starting a business takes just a wee bit of time.

I have been known to understate things on occasion.

I also may have mentioned that I have two small children.

And further, I have plans beyond this business and being a part of this family. (Shocking, but so very true!)

And then yesterday +Barry Hatfield shared a post, titled Finishing, in which he directs the reader:

What do you want to do? What do you want to have finished when it’s time to go? Have you said "I’ve always wanted to …"

Do those things.

And oh, this hits me hard. Because as much as my hurryscurry runaround brain wishes, I cannot do all things, all at once. I probably can't even do all things one at a time. There are days, while building this business, attending to the twenty things that all need to be done yesterday (or last month, or whoops last year), that I get frantic, caught up in the insistence, in the pressure, the unrelenting slipping of time, the thoughts that each day passing is one fewer left to get finished, each hour put toward one endeavor is one less for every other and how can I possibly choose? must! try! to do! more!

And then I stop.

I breathe.

I get/give a massage.

I notice what-is in this moment.

I attend to my beautiful, messy, demanding, miraculous, human body.

And I remember: the only way to finish is to do. And the only way to do, the only way that works for me, is living in just this moment. This breath. This movement. This hour. Paying attention to what is before me now: a client, a child, a class, a chance to plan.

And trusting that in this way, if I be lucky and live my full, I may finish a few worthy works.


  1. Yes. Thank you for these wise words- and reminders to focus on what's important, while doing all the things that need to be done. Forest/Trees. <3


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