Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seeing things through

The table was set, and so I sat.
A confession: today's post exists solely because of NaBloPoMo. I have a great post scheduled for tomorrow, but didn't manage to schedule something for today. And then, the day happened. Life happened. (A migraine happened.) I spent a lovely five hours having a monthly dinner with very dear friends, after a slightly-less-lovely three hours grocery shopping (blissfully alone). I am, if I be frank, quite ready for bed.

Except, there's NaBloPoMo. And I made a commitment. There're no direct consequences for failing to follow through. Not a single one, not one drop less income, not a smidgen less chance of booking a client.

There's just me. And a commitment. And a desire to see things through.

I make mistakes sometimes, miss deadlines, miss opportunities. I'm human, it happens. But this? Seeing something through, for no reason other than I said I would, and I wish to? It's a bit silly. You could call me a bit stubborn. But I'm proud of it, too, somewhat secretly, slyly. It's what makes me me, Arwyn. I show up, even when I'm not entirely sure what to say, even when there's not much stopping me from slinking away.

I said I would. And so I'm here. That's reason enough.

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