Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby body love

Down to your tiny toddler toes.
CC image courtesy Dylan Parker on Flickr
I'm putting my shoes on, my 26 month old standing next to me, feet still bare. She wraps her arms around her chest, rubbing her hands down her pudgy sides, twisting and craning to see herself better, and declares: "I like my bo-dy! I like my bo-dy! Do you like my bo-dy, mom-my?"

Yes, sweetie. Yes I do.

May you feel this way forever. May you have a lifetime of such moments. May you be as in love with your body at 22 and 42 and 82 as you are now. For you are beautiful, child, your stocky rolly shapely perfectly imperfect body a miracle, a joy. May you always know it, down to your bones, down to your toes, down to your deepest truest you-ness. So may it be.

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