Holding Space Massage

Feel Better In Your Body
Feel Better About Yourself

You're struggling with how you relate to your body. You may be experiencing significant change in your body or life, or you may have been in pain for so long you barely remember what life is like without it. You feel betrayed by your body -- maybe with good reason. You're told the lie by society that your body isn't "good enough" and you're carrying that stress around daily. You may be a pregnant person, transgender, a woman of size, or just someone who doesn't feel at home in your body.

You need therapeutic massage in a safe environment where all feelings about and struggles around body acceptance are welcome and accepted, without judgment, and with caring touch. You need Holding Space Massage.

"Holding Space" is the perfect description for what [Arwyn] does: providing a safe, comfortable, nurturing place to work through and release the myriad stresses (physical and otherwise) we hold in our bodies. -- Amy Rhime

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I offer body-positive massage in a spacious and beautiful home office in the north Montavilla neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Appointments are most often 90 minutes long to allow ample time for both talking about your goals and for 70 minutes on the table. Follow the links to read more about who I am, where I work, and why massage therapy is worth the cost.

Holding Space Massage

Improve your relationship with your body through pain relief, mindfulness, compassion, and radical acceptance. Schedule your massage now.