Beautiful Calming Portland Massage Office

Holding Space Massage office is located in my home office in the Madison South neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, on the basement level. Unfortunately, being down a full flight of stairs it is not wheelchair or walker accessible; if this prevents you from working with me, please contact me directly.


The office consists of three rooms, all accessible via private side entrance from the driveway. The room you will spend the most time in is the treatment room, consisting of a massage area and a small intake area. There is also a fully dedicated bathroom, complete with shower; use of the shower before or after a massage is available upon prior notice and discussion. Both these rooms are off the main waiting area, well appointed with a comfy chair and informational materials connecting you with other local resources.

The massage table used is an environmentally friendly, 32" wide Earthlite Spirit, rated for 800lbs of working weight (3200lbs static weight!), placed on top of a convertible table lift (it goes up! and down! with the push of a button! I really love my table lift), with a working weight of 500lbs. The industry standard table width is 28"-30"; while this may be adequate for most typical massage clients, many of us who are wider or who receive massage in the sidelying position can feel precariously perched on such a table. The extra inches on the table at Holding Space Massage may not sound like much, but they can make a huge difference in your ability to relax and receive the work.

We offer a well stocked lending library, primarily consisting of books on pregnancy, birth, and parenting (including breastfeeding and babywearing). There are a limited number of titles relating to gender and sexuality as well as Health at Every Size and fat acceptance; we are seeking to expand our library constantly, and welcome donations or suggestions for titles.

Scent-Free, Low-Chemical Zone

For your comfort and health as well as mine, Holding Space Massage is a scent-free zone. We use only unscented, low-allergy detergents for our sheets, pure food-grade oils or organic unscented creams during the massage, and scent-free, non-toxic cleaning products. We also request you refrain from perfume or scented product use before your massage or in the office.

Only no-VOC paints were used in refinishing the massage office and waiting areas, and a HEPA-certified filter keeps the air in the office fresh and allergen-free.

We are happy pet owners, but none of our animals are allowed in the massage room at any time. There are indoor cats who are occasionally in the waiting area and bathroom, but not allowed on that floor during appointments.