Massage for Women with Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness

Living with chronic pain, whether from a long-term injury or a chronic illness or sources unexplained, can be wearing on both your body and your sense of self. Massage from a trusted LMT won't make the illness go away, nor make it like the injury never happened, but it most likely will reduce your overall levels of pain as well as anxiety, and even help you sleep more soundly which may aid your body in its efforts to heal itself. Perhaps even more importantly, regular massage therapy can help you find a way to make peace with a body that you may often feel you have to fight against, or feel like is fighting against you.

As you experience compassion and acceptance in our sessions together, you become more capable of offering your body and yourself compassion and acceptance. As you remember the ways in which your body is capable of pleasure and relaxation, it stops feeling so much like your enemy, and more as an ally, a friend, if a beleaguered one. Or, you might come to think of your body less as something "other" and more as you, or an integral part of you, and this sense of self will help you navigate the ups and downs of life with chronic pain as gracefully as possible.

I've experienced the profound effect massage can have on chronic pain from both sides of the table. Although I am very clear that my experience is not everyone else's, I do know first hand how life-changing massage can be, even if the pain never entirely "goes away". This understanding helps me be fully present for you, holding the space for your own journey and your own relationship with your body, and holding open the possibility for your best health, whatever that means for you.

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