Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

The following classes and workshops repeat regularly throughout the year. If you are interested in booking any of these to be offered in your space, please contact our Event Coordinator, Megan Joseph, at If you have any questions about the content or accessibility of the events, please contact Arwyn at

Body Positive Workshops

Offered Autumn/Winter as
Fall in Body Love: 7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself
and in Spring/Summer as
Feel Bikini Ready: 7 Steps to Getting Out on the Beach (If That's Your Thing)

This interactive 2-hour workshop, for 6-24 people, covers seven ways to change how you feel about your body without necessarily changing your body itself. These practical, proven strategies can transform your body conversation from criticism and cruelty to compassion and confidence. The workshop is explicitly fat-positive, trans-positive, and grounded in the Health at Every Size philosophy.

The Details:
This engaging workshop is just $25. Teens welcome.

Well Now: A Health at Every Size Class

Offered in 8 2-hour sessions in the Spring and Fall, this course helps attendees feel better about eating and weight using a non-diet approach called Health At Every Size (HAES). You can read more on HAES practice here [pdf].

You'll learn how to:

  • Tune into your body signals
  • Embrace body respect
  • Replace eating guilt with gentle nutrition
  • Move from food panic to food autonomy
  • Heal from body shame
  • Practice mindful eating
  • Explore the bigger picture of health and wellbeing
  • Learn compassion for yourself and others

The Well Now HAES approach has been shown to improve health measures such as blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugars, as well as increase rates of moderate exercise, and most importantly, increases your sense of self-compassion, self-confidence, and wellbeing.

The Details:
This life-changing class is $385. Early registration discounts may be available.

Spring 2014: Sundays starting April 27th, 2-4pm. Register online now!

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