Chair Massage for Every Body

Adult and Pediatric Chair Massage for Events, Parties, Moms' Night Outs, Playdates, & More!

3 feet tall or 600lbs: my chair will fit you!
In the summer I take my chair, and my children, to local parks for massage in the park. The kids love the chair, the moms and caregivers love the chance for five or fifteen minutes' relaxation, and everyone goes home happy. Mixed-age events like this are my favorite to work at, as two or three minutes on the chair is a just-right introduction to massage for most wiggly little kids, and often parents don't feel like they can schedule a full hour and a half to take care of themselves, but ten minutes while their kids are playing feels more achievable and can work wonders.

In Portland's rainy months, I can't just unfold my chair in a park, but I can still be available for groups who want the chance to add a little relaxation, pain relief, and mindfulness to their events!

I'm available for chair massage two ways:
Massage is free for attendees. The event coordinator pays my full fee of $60/hour, plus $20 if the event is shorter than 2 hours, OR
Attendees pay $1/minute for massage. There is a $30 minimum for events up to 2 hours ($15 per additional hour), guaranteed by the event coordinator. With this option, if the event attendees elect not to pay for massage, the event coordinator pays the difference between what I earned and the minimum, to cover my travel time and expenses.

Chair massage is available evenings, weekends, and certain daytime hours. Please contact Arwyn directly to schedule.

Note: If you'd like to invite me to an event held in a business establishment (for example a cafe, conference, or club), please confirm with the business prior to booking my services. The client is responsible for my full fee if the establishment does not welcome chair massage on its premises. This has not as of yet been an issue, but please be aware of this possibility when planning your event.